Friday, November 12, 2010


2, 3 hari ni memang banyak benda berlaku kat sekolah. male teachers memang sakit jiwa kot. until now i cudnt imagine what thy were thinking at tat time. it was the happiest day for all the students plus the teachers but they were making an idiotic drama...none of them appeared in the hall. they seemed to vanish w/out a warning. and the responsibilities to handle the students and parents were on us. but we cud handle it smoothly. w/out any probs and the parents seemed to notice tis.

it started from the word JEALOUS. how much i hate that J word. the male teachers are jealous of female teachers. Whoooooa... hahahahah.....please grow up is nothing to be compared to what had happened before. their stupid words coming from their stupid big mouths are really fantastic...two thumbs up for them.. thy really showed their stupidity by expressing their emotions in their Fesbook. and the best part is thy share it with our students...n the students gave comments w/out knowing the truth. accusing their own teachers because of tat stupid confession from the teachers themselves.

i got a call from my fren around 9.30 pm last nite asking me to read comments frm Fesbook. but i cudnt because my rules say NO to any requests made by students and teachers frm my school. so my fren had to read all the comments. one of the respected ustaz in our school really made me pissed off by saying tat we are the sapi, we extract the milk frm the cow, n then we got the name. in bm....lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama. so now we r the sapi side n thy are the lembu side. tis is really absurd.

thy talked bout our sincerity in teaching. ALL THE STUDENTS CAN READ TAT COMMENTS...n wat will thy think bout the teachers?

if u, male teachers want to teach year 6, please...please do proceed ur wish and it will be granted if u r qualified enough!!!!!!!!!!!!\


Aku_lah_Fadz said...

huhu.. blh thn emo cikgu lelaki sek hang.. d word JEALOUS tu kalau btempat no hal.. tp kalau suka2..mmg phd la tu..

scully said...

tu la ilah...aku pun tak paham betul. dah la taun ni seko pun dari golongan jantan tu tak pegang kelas. yang paling besar pun depa pegang ketua badan pengawas...yang kena buat keje semua kami la. mereka tu ajk je...then tup2 mengata kami macam2. aku pun tak paham ngan GB aku. nape la dia buat camni. tulah golongan tu byak masa nak mengumpat kami..

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